Beats n Bars Festival

is North Carolina’s platform dedicated to cultivate the founding influences of hip hop culture.

The art of MCing, B-Boying, DJing and graffiti all are integral components that are culturally represented in our community and its importance of the sustainability of its kind or culture.
Beats n Bars mission is to build stronger community through the influence of urban culture and music. In order to meet this goal and place NC hip-hop and Durham specifically in national conversations related to hip-hop, we are relying on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.

In aligning with our mission, Beats n Bars Festival is committed to providing educational opportunities to the general public through The Fresh Effect Panel. The panels are targeted directly to individuals apart of the hip-hop community who are seeking an opportunity to hone in on set skills from production to beat making to social media and marketing.


(DJ) "Recycle and reuse"

turn what was once old to something new again. Remix, revise.

(BBoy) "Get Moving"

to encourage better health through excercise and proper diet.

(GRAFFITI) "Get Organized"

to foster the spirit of unity through organized efforts. Rallies, solidarity.

(MC) "Spread the word"

Educate yourself, speak out, read, research, don't follow. Panels discussions.

Beats n Bars 2017 Recap

Directed & Edited by: Zoë Pictures



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