Our Team

There's always a method behind the madness, or at least a strong team.

Meet our team.


Crystal E. Taylor aka Queen Curator

Crystal has been known for her love of hip hop culture since 2012 when she started curating shows ranging from beat battles, open mics and leading panel discussions to now 7 platforms in counting.   She’s worked within North Carolina’s hip hop culture and bringing those in it together with organizations that can provide support within the community. Realizing the power that music holds to bring others together, Taylor is a fierce advocate for the culture of hip hop music in North Carolina. She also loves to laugh, Thai food, travel, kick your butt in softball, and talk massive trash while playing board games.

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John Laww aka The Real Laww

Hip Hop artist, Co-founder and CEO of the former DURM Hip Hop Summit, and retired member of the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Laww is known for his quirky approach to his art. Alongside constant involvement of the Durham community; His projects have included charity events for the Wounded Warrior Project, Durham Rescuse Mission and Turkeys for DURM. Laww once joined forces with Wool E. Bull of the Durham Bulls for a choreographed dance routine, and commissioned local artist Candy Carver to paint his entire body just because it was a Wednesday.

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